She introduced me to so many things: pasteurised milk, sheets, monotheism.

Dwight, The Office

I love my friends, believe me - I rarely say it though - For us they have their uses - But they also deal their blows - Daily I try to act more upon my dreams - How bright a soul forgiven bleeds - How bright a soul forgiven bleeds — Hothouse Flowers
If you fail at basketball, you fail at basketball. If you fail at literature you risk failing as a person, because your full matrix of being is at work in it — DBC Pierre, Release the Bats
I'd rather be playing an invisible fiddle in the dark and hope that someone could hear it than give in to a life of rationality and logic — Tommy Tiernan
There's an entire journalistic enterprise these days trying to tell people who don't sit in trailers all day watching reality television whilst shoveling down corn syrup-and-soy-based salty-sweet Walmart-brand bacon-cheese snax into their maws about how the Other America is the Only Real America. —Rick Wilson, Everything Trump Touches Dies